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Aug 25, 2013 6:00pm EDT
injurieses last year. >> brian: keep in mind sean payton had come from the cowboys under parcels. had a close relationship with jerry jones. they chose to let go of rob ryan. you know that conversation had to be had between jones and ryan. he's an excellent football coach. he's been a coordinator nine years. he's been through seven head coaches. this is the most stable situation he's been in from oakland to cleveland. even in dallas. we know what comes with the dallas cowboys. with payton this is the most stable situation rob ryan has been in. >> thom: yates. had a wide open receiver. new york jets under enormous criticism today after what transpired last night bringing mark sanchez into the game in the fourth quarter. sanchez took a vicious hit for marvin austin. they hope he'll be all right after a disapointing start by geno smith. johnson levelled. that's kenny mccarl coming up to put the hat on him. third down and goal. today is a tough day for rex ryan. >> brian: it's an emotional game. geno smith didn't look good. come back to mark sanchez who is now hurt. in hindsight obviously.
Aug 20, 2013 7:00pm EDT
his hit list. jeremy wolff was victim number one, from germany's bnd. sean mcalister at interpol was the second. he's the one that brought the jtf in to work the doyle case. he was murdered last week in brussels with his wife and daughter. tsia mosely of france's dcri. she got engaged to jeremy earlier this year. after he died, she fled to d.c. and team leader clyde easter, british s.i.s. he hasn't checked in since tsia's murder. he was also in d.c. did jtf make the arrests? no, the host countries handled that. the team moved on to the next case. if all they did was deliver a profile, how does doyle even know about them? well, considering the shadowy nature of terrorist cells, they utilize a skill we don't--infiltration. who was undercover on doyle? emily. she made contact with him in boston to get intel on valhalla. she was posing as another weapons dealer. look at how she's dressed. she seems awfully comfortable. how close did she get to doyle as part of her cover? the recon they did on doyle included a background of all of his romantic relationships. emily was his type. she asked
Aug 5, 2013 5:30pm PDT
accelerated right here. >> reporter: sean daly was at the front of his store. >> i thought it was a bomb, to be honest. >> reporter: thought it was a bomb? >> yeah, because of a big boom and i was just right standing at the front and i heard this big explosion but it was the a.t.m. that got hit first and that's what made everyone jump. everyone was ducking like this, it was terrible. >> reporter: you can see the dodge sedan in the top left-hand corner of this video recorded by a surveillance camera. minutes earlier another camera captured the driver, 38-year-old nathan campbell, out of the car seeming to check the route he was about to follow. los angeles mayor eric garcetti. >> this tragedy, obviously this is somebody they said he was smiling as he accelerated. if he doesn't have some sort of mental issue i would be surprised. >> reporter: an italian tourist was killed. she was on her honeymoon. in a statement, her family said she was robbed of her life while living her dream visit to california with her husband. nathan campbell is being held on $1 million bail. he appears to be a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3